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Thread: Expanding Arbors

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    Expanding Arbors

    Recently had to face several spur gears, removing near all of hub.
    Instead of boring a sleeve to grip OD of gear, chose to create an arbor. Very simple to make, long as ID to grip is consistent in each part. Also somewhat less labor intensive to run a batch of same parts, compared to a sleeve.
    Expanding Arbors-expanding-arbor.jpg
    Select a short piece of stock that will protrude enough for intended item, and allow wrench access to back side.
    Rough turn .02-.05 over finish diameter. Allow clearance at inner corner, so face will register successive parts.
    Clearance drill through for drawbolt.
    Bore a taper about 11° included angle. Not counterbore, should not be a seat for face of capscrew.
    At same angled compound setting, turn off head of capscrew, eliminating shoulder.
    Saw cut through diameter 2-4 times into the solid section that chuck will hold. You'll notice 4 shallow center-drilled spots; they indicate same orientation as master pinion of chuck. I'm picky about relocating as originally made.
    I don't tap the arbor; 1] small taps aren't long enough, 2] used enough, the thread wears out, 3] allen wrench and open end torque up tighter with out having to hold chuck, lock spindle or use foot brake. Fine threads work best, didn't have one suitable.
    Re-chuck, snug up screw and nut minimally and finish OD.
    Arbor is ready for use.
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