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Thread: Fast and dangerous pole assembly - video

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    Fast and dangerous pole assembly - video

    I admit I've never seen this before. I guess I'm privileged to live in a society where we have reasonable limits and sane standards...

    ...on the acceptable depth of a V-neck shirt.

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    Funny thing about t-shirts. Every one regards them de rigueur for hot weather. Not me! They adhere to you and IMO increase dispersion of perspiration without appreciable benefit in cooling, and then to top it off, be miserable to get out of.
    I trek to the local thrift shop once in awhile for 100% woven [not knit!] button up shirts, sometimes 1 size large if I really like it. Maybe I have a little temp & humidity tolerance but they are cooler to wear.
    They don't ignite easy, not being 'tight' protect from splashes short of dowsing, wash out decently and more.
    Being woven from tighter yarn than fluffy stuff for knitted yardage, means the fabric is 'smoother' chips might hang on your shirt but will NOT stick readily as knits. Kind of like brambles, thistles, and foxtails stick to your socks but far less to your twill hunting pants.
    And those so inclined, demonstrate individuality by not advertising products and be in something that allows for a stop-off wherever on the way home.

    Deep V-necks only belong on eye candy, and stereotypical characters like Disco Stu.

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    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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