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Thread: Feeding birds out of your hand - GIF and photos

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    Feeding birds out of your hand - GIF and photos

    I saw this hummingbird mega-feeding GIF, and was reminded of a trick someone showed me to get hummingbirds to land in your hand.

    It works well with this type of multi-hummingbird feeder. You just put your fingers on the edge of the feeder, and they land on your hand. Worked the first time for me. Wash your hands after, bird foot is gross.

    Hummingbirds are pretty bold though. How to get other kinds of birds to land in your hand? There are various ways, but here's the coolest:

    This is Bill Bird-In-Hand, a cardboard bird feeder man. Easy to make yourself, but also commercially available. I've never used it, but there's enough chatter about it (including a book) that I believe it works.

    You put Bill Bird-In-Hand in your backyard, and you dress him in your clothes, and then you sprinkle some bird seed on his outstretched palm. Birds come and land on the flat surface of the cardboard man's hand, and eat the bird seed off of it, like it was a birdfeeder.

    After a while, you remove the cardboard man from your backyard, and you stand in his place with bird seed sprinkled in your palm. And the birds eat right out of your hand.


    Wooden hummingbird model - GIF

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    It's hard to believe but there is a species of hummingbird that migrates north to south across the Caribbean every year. They congregate on the south coast of the US to "tank up" before setting out. Several groups of bird lovers set up these multiple feeding stations to help them take on the calories they're going to need.

    Of course, if you really want to watch them feeding close-up, you need one of these...

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