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Thread: Fixing those cheap Harbor Freight Bar Clamps

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    A couple years ago I had a bunch of these clamps that broke those little pivot pins, seeing the way you fixed yours.... Well that was a real DUH moment for me, I tossed about 6 of them because I couldn't think of a way to fix them.

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    Yes, I purchased about a dozen of those and had the same problem. Bad design. I did the same repair, but the clamping force really is not all that good. Shortly after my purchase HF changed the design and the new ones are much better. I was gluing a lot of edging at the time so I bought another dozen of the new ones. That was two years ago so things may have changed again, I don't know.

    I wound up using the old ones between the new ones on each edge that I glued: I alternated them along the 8' shelf. Worked great and I have all the 12" clamps I will ever need. Just had to find a place to store them.
    Paul A.

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