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Thread: Forging Quick Lathe boring bar/ ToolBit out of O1 Drill Rod with Mapp Torch

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    Forging Quick Lathe boring bar/ ToolBit out of O1 Drill Rod with Mapp Torch

    So happy to have something to post!
    Here's a vid I made today. Still practicing, both my toolcrafting and Forging, Very new to both of them.
    I use a Mapp torch to heat some 1/2" O1 drill rod, then hammer a bit on my makeshift anvil, to draw it out and shape the basic cutter.
    Then I grind it and heat treat it (again with the Mapp Torch).
    It was easy, and quick, and pretty affordable, and I don't have a bunch of specialized tools for blacksmithing.
    Way quicker and cheaper than putting a halt on my project, and ordering the proper sized boring bar, and I think it was slightly quicker, and more affodable (and way more fun) than grinding a bunch of material away from a HSS toolbit.

    Post your reply!
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