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Thread: Gantry type milling attachment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by olderdan View Post
    Sorry for the minimal post, I have been busy of late.
    To explain a little further, the raising blocks were ground to the same dimensions as the tailstock base until a DTI mounted on the boring table clocked zero over the over the width of the blocks, this would also also take into account any wear in the bed, saddle and slide ways on a very old lathe and would match the way the lathe is.
    The blocks were not milled but the V was plunge ground from solid with a form wheel, this was the start point for further work.
    The base of the pillars were faced after welding using a 3 point steady and the pillars running true, the top clamp faces were trued in the same manner using a service mandrel. Using this method it was at least possible to ensure correct tramming in one direction, the other could be adjusted on the verticle slide.
    As this is an attachment and not a milling machine some compromise must be accepted but it has turned out better than I had hoped for, and the blocks are still able to be used for their original purpose if the need arises.
    I know where your coming from regards CNC and I have used it a lot before I retired and the results are unquestionable but these days I enjoy just winding handles.
    Thanks for the interest.
    Very sound development and processing. Wonder is how newbs run CNC work minus a serious manual background; at least in same basic machine + tooling equipment they'll program. The fun is built right into rotary tables, universal indexers, sine plates etc. Winding handles, operating speed levers and quills, time reflexes with chasing dials, trig tables, adjusting feeds by eye and ear...That's where enjoyment always been what it's all about for me. Not even hiding behind plexiglass windows. Often said I'd do it for free; if I could afford to.
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    Setting up a Warner & Swasey #5 to spew out finished parts after a 10 to 20 step machining process with an internal tapered step thread and an API tapered external thread. only stopping the machine to change the finished part for a blank casting NO DRO. Or having to nearly completely disassemble the machine to reconfigure it for scroll threading. That's a Machinist the New breed out of school guys or Gals who have never done anything but stare at a screen and push buttons are called operators often times have to call a supervisor to tell them to send a set up specialist to change their worn tooling when feed back from the machine shows a low %age production rate.

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