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Thread: garage threshold

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    garage threshold

    Made this out of the floor of a Subaru Sambar van and some scrap L-channel steel fence posts. I can't find any photos of the underside. I'll add them later.
    I cut the tapered ends of the ribs off and moved them to fit the curve, which is not an even arc. The pointy end helps direct the water that flows like a river down the sidewalk when it rains toward the driveway.
    garage threshold-img_1678-copy.jpg
    This is what the floor looked like when I got it. This is the half not used for the threshold. I used it to make a platform for this antique lightning rod.
    garage threshold-img_7152.jpg
    I left it out for a couple years to rust, but decided to repaint it last week, so I ground the paint off, coated it with bed liner, then high-wear paint close to the original color.
    garage threshold-img_1581-copy.jpg garage threshold-img_1583-copy.jpg
    garage threshold-img_1674-copy.jpg

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