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Thread: Giant ship engine turbocharger - photo

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    Holey Moley! To the left of mechanic is another assembly skid, showing bore of fan section. It must be close to 4' diameter! That is some incredible multiplication of engine displacement.
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    If they were to load it on my bud's trailer I can imagine his CB conversations.
    What you hauling driver come on.
    I got's me a turbo. I'm taking it to my mechanic so he can figure out how to mount it n this puppy dog Hello.
    I heard that come-on.
    Yeppers my mechanic always likes a challenge hello.
    Driver do me a favor when he gets it mounted drag a chain behind your trailer I might need a tow. that thing is going to give your puppy dog the strength and claws of a grizzly and the lungs of Michael Phillips and Pete Reed combined Come-on.
    44 on claws and lungs Hello.

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