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Thread: Going down the well

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    Going down the well

    Sup every one , Im here looking for things I need to complete a task I have taking on . To me it's a adventure ,half mile from the first gold strike in ga. There is a old store that has a hand dug well beside it .the store has be there through the years . But the store has been closed way before I was ever born. I do know in 1830 the well was there to present . Before they bury the well I have been giving permission to go down the well and remove the bottom back to the original deeps it's 40 ft to water
    22 ft. From top or water to bottom of the well.
    All dirt / mud removed with be hoisted to the top and placed on a large sifter / classifier looking for what's been lost , dropped or wished upon ,veven hidden. Im making , inventing all my own equipment and tools . Looking to build a clamshell digging bucket to lower down the well to grab the bottom to pull back up. going down is a last resort but I have been down others but not with what we are trying this time . I have underwater cameras ,lights , classifier detector. if anyone has a clamshell bucket plans I could use them . Thank you.

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    Hi Rob ski - welcome to HomemadeTools.net

    Interesting! I'll move this post into our Tool Talk forum so you can get some ideas.

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