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Thread: GoPro Hero 5 Protective Lens Replacement

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    GoPro Hero 5 Protective Lens Replacement

    If you should shatter the outer protective lens of your GoPro Hero 5 video camera as I did, you can easily perform a DIY repair in a couple of minutes and for only $20.00

    My new GoPro Hero 5 Black, action video camera had a shattered protective lens. I thought I would have to send the camera out to have it repaired. As it turns out, the owner can easily renew the protective lens, and I found it available for twenty bucks online (Amazon Prime). Within a couple of days, my new lens arrived via UPS.

    I found the existing lens tough to budge and remove, but it finally came off, and the new replacement lens went on with a much easier amount of effort.

    Here's a short video (just over a minute) showing how easy it is to swap out the protective lens without tools:

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