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Thread: GripStart tool for pull starting engines - videos, photos, patent

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    GripStart tool for pull starting engines - videos, photos, patent

    GripStart tool for pull starting engines.

    We've previously discussed pull start tools used to reduce the amount of strength needed to pull the starter cord. Here's another take: a tool that eliminates the need to grip the pull starter.

    15-second video #1:

    15-second video #2:

    Some images:

    It was awarded US patent #8888152 in November 2014, to Thomas Coakley.

    GripStart patent

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    This could be a helpful too for persons with missing fingers or arthritic hands
    Never try to tell me it can't be done
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    Hi Jon,
    Thanks a lot for this idea, as wrote Frank, a fantastic idea for those people who as I am cannot use normally their fingers.
    I go this week to my shoemaker to find the necessary material.
    Have a nice day.

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    Thank you for adding my GripStart to the site. GripStart is the only patented assistive device for starting any pull start engine. Anyone with a limitation in their grip strength can benefit from using the GripStart. I designed this for a retired friend who had arthritis in his hands. Being retired, all he really enjoyed doing was working in his yard but his hands made it nearly impossible to start his equipment. It got bad enough that he needed to hire someone to maintain his lawn. I had an idea and within a few weeks I designed the GripStart. I gave it to him and he was able to start his equipment with ease. His entire limitation was that he didn't have the strength in his hand to keep ahold on the handle while pulling the cord. The GripStart solved that problem. Since then he started doing all of his yardwork himself again. He has been using it for several years. He's in his 70s now and said that the GripStart has given him back a piece of his independence back again. Since I patented the design and started selling them I have spoken with many customers who say the same thing. We learned that there are many more people who can benefit from the GripStart. Many women have used it and said that finally they are able to start equipment without having to ask someone to start it. We've had teenagers who are mowing the lawn for the first time and they really don't have the strength yet to grasp that pullstart handle. GripStart eliminates the need for grip strength but since you still grab the handle as you normally would, it feels like you have all the strength you need. Almost everyone's arms have the strength needed to start the engine. It's the hand strength that limits it. I hope to reach more people who can benefit from the GripStart. GripStart was recently featured in the Farm Show magazine and the response has been great. If there are any questions or comments, please let me know.

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