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Thread: Gunpowder residue explosion at indoor shooting range - GIF and video

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    Gunpowder residue explosion at indoor shooting range - GIF and video

    Gunpowder residue explosion at indoor shooting range in Brazil. Residue collecting between or beneath the floorboards? Was not cleaned correctly with explosion-proof vacuum (or should've been a concrete floor anyway?).

    2:26 video. First spark around 1:33. To watch frame-by-frame, pause the video, then use the comma and period keys to move forward or back one frame.


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    not sure what happened there but then again I only been to an indoor range 1 time. I vowed never to walk inside of one ever again. There was some fool in there with a.50 cal black powder rifle on a pistol range and the management was ok with it.
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    Hard to tell what set it off (bad camera angle) but once it went...oh boy. Probably a lag with the guy closest last shot or a hot casing on the floor. I've only been to indoor ranges a couple of times myself and all had concrete floors and range officers that were very attentive...still saw a couple of ID10T's in the few times I went.
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    What is strange is that it looks like a range for officers in some sort of police unit! You would think that being the case that maintenance and cleaning where good.

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