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Thread: Hand drill rebuilt

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    Great tips and it turned out really nice. I'm more and more certain that I want to found a secondhand one and rstorate it. Especially a small one.

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    Great job Christophe, nice to see old tools refurbished and improved.

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    This was revived by an emai, and I'm glad it was. Nice job!
    As much as I avoid cheapie tools, I still acquire them through many means, such as tool lots, family and friends hand-me-downs, and some materializing out of thin air.
    I always like the notion of fixing and improving what you already have on hand, rather than buying something new, especially if the bones are worthy. No tool is insignificant enough to not improve, if you use it. Of course, I've got into a couple of Eastern origin tools that had metals that were soft enough to melt with a hard stare, but as with all light duty tools, your technique has as much to do with their lifespan as does the base materials.
    I don't believe I've ever looked into improving a hand drill like this, but now I'm going to look at a few of mine and pick one to duplicate this effort with.

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