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Thread: Helpful Hint Regarding DIY Tool Making

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    Helpful Hint Regarding DIY Tool Making

    This is my first post (other than the intro section). Since I am new to the site, I haven't gotten a feel for what is "common knowledge" amongst the members here, but hopefully this will be of some help.

    Go online and find the tool/kit/product that fits you're needs and try to download the owners manual for that product. Often times they are offered online for free through the company than manufactures it, but many sites have downloadable .pdf's that work as well.

    By obtaining the manual of the product you wish to build, you will 99.9% of the time find a parts explosion which will tell you the size, shape, thread pitch, material used, torque specification and dimensions of EVERY...SINGLE...COMPONENT. Its becomes a buildsheet and a parts list that you can take to you're local hardware store and match up the components so you can literally build the exact product without selling a kidney.

    I am a mechanic so I am always looking for a faster, more effective way of doing things. Just so you get the idea, I have attached a pic as an example of what you can get by downloading manuals when available. Of course, they is going to have to be some improvising on some, but why not take advantage of the customer service benefits without even having to be the customer?? It has worked for me, hopefully this will you too.


    ManualsLib - Makes it easy to find manuals online!
    OTC Tools <---(FWIW This company makes most of Snap-on and Matcos diag. tools)
    Harbor Freight Tools – Quality Tools at Discount Prices Since 1977

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    Great tip, Jordison460! I specially like the second link you posted.

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