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Thread: Holding thread wires

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    Holding thread wires

    It seems one must be descended from the genus Octopus to hold everything when
    making three wire measurements of the pitch diameter of a thread. Like most
    amateurs, I use children's modeling clay to manage the wires. I've tried a
    blob of it stuck on the mike frame and a blob on the surface gage sitting on
    the cross-slide and adjusted to the height of the thread. Both sort of work
    but not very well.

    My latest bodge has been more successful. Get a bolt of the same size as the
    thread you're cutting. Secure the wires to this bolt using the modeling clay
    to hold them in position. Now the wires will be in exactly the configuration
    you need for measuring the thread you're cutting.

    Of course, if you're cutting a thread for which no matching bolt exists (e.g.,
    cutting a fine thread on a camera lens filter holder), this won't work and
    you'll have to work out your own bodge.
    Regards, Marv

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    Holding thread wires = training for Olympic level shadow puppet competitions. Clay isn't cheating or amateurish. Play-Doh might be.
    Press thread wires into the clay blob a short distance, using the unsized threading job as a 'guide'. A plus, it'll stand them up between measurements, instead of losing them in the chip pan.
    Bigger diameter? Use a popsicle stick/ tongue depressor + clay, or styrofoam panel from packaging fresh meat. Good reason to not have a houseful of vegetarians.

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