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Thread: Homemade Marking Knife

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    Homemade Marking Knife

    First post but been lurking for a while looking at the awesome stuff made.

    So, something I have been wanting to make for a little while. Not the prettiest tool but it's functional, if I were making them to sell I would use a nicer wood for the handle.

    All made from scraps and "upcycled" materials as they call it these days. Handle is unknown hardwood dowel from an old broom handle I think. Ferrule is 1/2" copper pipe from a section of split pipe I had to remove this winter, blade is HSS planer blade.

    I went for the double bevel not sure if I will use it, but it wasn't any harder to make and if a right hander comes into the shop they may appreciate it.
    Grind is quite steep so it pushes the blade tight to the rule/square but also makes a nice V ready for a saw or chisel to sit into. Edge retention should be excellent. Quite happy for something made in about 2 hours or so.
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    Nice build and first post Rorschach! Welcome! "Upcycle", Re-purpose...potato, patoto, all good in my book. Like the shape of the blade but would have made it single bevel...but I get it.

    Thanks for the posting.

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    Thank you. I had thought single bevel too, but I fancied trying out a double bevel, and of course it will be useful for visitors to the shop. If I don't care for this blade it is no hardship to grind another, plenty of planer blades to hand.

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    I like, I like it a lot. Cap. my favorite small hand tools for diy-ers, like us.

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    Thanks Rorschach! We've added your Marking Knife to our Knife Making category,
    as well as to your builder page: Rorschach's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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