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    Homemade tools meme: Sudden Clarity Clarence - photo

    A small handful of memes are especially applicable to the homemade tools culture, and the 2011 classic Sudden Clarity Clarence is certainly among them.

    Tool builders typically start out as participants in a variety of hobbies. As they develop skills and ascend in their hobbies, they usually gravitate toward tool building. This generally begins out of necessity, continues out of enjoyment, and ultimately results in the realization that they're not necessarily woodworkers, or metalworkers, or machinists, or whatever - they're tool builders. After this epiphany, they suddenly realize that they don't care about building non-tool projects, they don't care if their tool is ever used to build something else, and they don't care what anyone else thinks.

    This process can take years to develop; Sudden Clarity Clarence can sum it up in a single meme:


    Homemade tool builder meme - image

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    I often find this to be true as many times making the tool to preform a specific task will take longer to accomplish than the task would have even without the special tool.
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    Homemade tools meme: Sudden Clarity Clarence - photo-gaylord-irwin.jpg
    I think this fits here.

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