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Thread: Horizontal bead roller setup

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    Horizontal bead roller setup

    Once I needed to make some turn tables to be mounted flush to the floor for moving trolleys around that ran in a guide track so the direction could be changed
    to do this I also needed to make a seal to protect the inner workings of the turn tables the bearings and posilocks
    So I made a set up to mount my bead roller on the turn table.
    Horizontal bead roller setup-rolling-seal-bead1.jpg

    Horizontal bead roller setup-rolled-seal-bead.jpg

    Horizontal bead roller setup-turn-table-2.jpg
    the turn table is 1320 mm in diameter
    Horizontal bead roller setup-turn-table-base.jpg
    the seal is a 10 mm O ring
    Horizontal bead roller setup-weather-tight-seal.jpg
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