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    Basically a 1 off Part of my thinking about coal fired in a pit with ducked air from underneath.
    the weight of the casting is not as much as you might think since the rim with the teeth is about 2 inches thick the hub is 5 inches in diameter with a 3 inch diameter center bore and 4 inches thick the web between the hub and teeth is 1 inch thick so overall the total weight is around 75 lbs. Easily lifted by 1 hand but since it would be red hot I was thinking along the lines of a 2 man crucible tong
    for an anvil as such I have a weldement that has a 5 inch thick plate about the same out side dimensions as the sprocket with a 7 inch center bore and a 26 inch diameter 6 inch tall base under it it also has a vertical column about 3 ft tall off to 1 side I was planning on welding a second column to the opposite side then a section of 10" 100 lb per ft wide flange beam to the top of the columns Additionally I have a 12 inch diameter 1 inch wall pipe that has a 2 inch thick cap welded to it this would allow me to make a press which would press on the web using my 50 ton bottle jack then it would be a matter of sledge hammering the rim straight I may have to have one person keep waving my 10 rose bud oxy act torch around the sprocket while I have it pressed and beating it into submission But I believe it to be do able as I have done larger things in the past using as many as 4 torches but they sucked large bottles of oxygen and acetylene dry
    After I have it straight I will have to re heat the rim and teeth at least to a dull cherry then spin quench to re harden the teeth
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    I had a long handled propane roofers torch from Machine Mart. An old gas tank ( very careful cutting it ) and some" You Tube " clips, watch as many as you can and use a lot of common sense. We are in the middle of moving home so its packed away but will post some pics when mine is set up again.
    Good Luck.

    The vicar.

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    Forge info

    Quote Originally Posted by kmc5twenty5 View Post
    Does anyone have some info on building a quality propane burner for a small to medium size Forge?
    See slawman's post below.

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    You may find these pages by Ron Reil useful which includes info on the burners mentioned above and more. It is on the ABANA site but more specifically
    Ron's Forge Page My son and I are in the process of putting together the Mongo burner. Stay safe and good forging, Jeff

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    Hi , I'm the guy Gert tried to direct you to! if you give a bit mor e info I'm sure I can help! do you want to go blown or naturally aspirated? size and type of forge?
    the ribbon burner that Wayne coe has the info on was shown/given to him by a good friend of mine( John Emmerling) who had picked up the idea from his neighbour the glass blower. Jerry Frost in Alaska has recently developed a naturally aspirated one.
    regards Ian

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