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Thread: Hydraulic demolition shear - GIF

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    Hydraulic demolition shear - GIF

    Hydraulic demolition shear.

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    Jon googly eyes are needed here .LOL
    The scrap yard where I used to do some work for has several of these beasts One they actually call "T REX" because it is so huge and can bite through just about anything. But as strong as those things appear believe it or not they can be broken a lot easier than one would think. once the cutting edges become dulled side biting it is called where only one side of the jaws are being used to tear and rip the movable jaw can be forced into the opposite side. the Hydraulics are so powerful and since the operator can only see the material being cut and in most cases not see the jaws the movable jaw can be broken completely off before the operator knows what is happening. Think of moving you own jaw from side to side then biting down real hard you will break your teeth.
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    That one is only a baby. There is one at the Simsmetal site at Port Adelaide that I have seen chop a truck in half.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drew1966 View Post
    That one is only a baby. There is one at the Simsmetal site at Port Adelaide that I have seen chop a truck in half.
    Interesting. In some show I saw at some point a scrap yard operator told a tale of a truck driver who liked to talk too much. He came out of the scale office and couldn't find his truck. Supposedly the truck got chopped up. Doesn't quite seem likely but makes a good story. Most yards I have seen the scale area and the processing are some distance apart. Still may just want to keep an eye on ones truck at the scrap yard. Was told a yard in Utica ny took in a near new combine that had been stolen, police came as they were getting ready to cut it up. But then mabey I should be careful what stories I listen to. ;-)

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