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    Indicator magnet mount for my South Bend 9" lathe

    Indicator magnet mount for my South Bend 9" lathe-south-bend-9-magnet-mount-indicator-holder-002.jpgIndicator magnet mount for my South Bend 9" lathe-south-bend-9-magnet-mount-indicator-holder-003.jpgIndicator magnet mount for my South Bend 9" lathe-south-bend-9-magnet-mount-indicator-holder-004.jpgIndicator magnet mount for my South Bend 9" lathe-south-bend-9-magnet-mount-indicator-holder-006.jpgIndicator magnet mount for my South Bend 9" lathe-south-bend-9-magnet-mount-indicator-holder-005.jpg
    Check out my latest week end project. This magnet mount dial indicator is something I've been planning to build and finally got around to it. It mounts on my South Bend 9" lathe and puts the indicator up front. It adjusts from the smallest to the biggest work.Any comments appreciated.

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    Thanks oldtimer! We've added your Magnetic Dial Indicator Mount to our Measuring and Marking category, as well as to your builder page: oldtimer's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    I also have a Southbend 9A. I would love very much to put a dro on it, but I just can't bring myself to drill and tap into it because I just can't bring myself to do any damage to it intentionally. I need to get some magnets and do something like this using some Harbor Freight digital calipers.. Thanks for the idea!!!

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