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Thread: Inside Car Long Goods Carrier

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    Inside Car Long Goods Carrier

    I made this carrier which replaces the head-rest on the front seat of my Hyundai Santa-Fe. I just found out recently that many head-rests are removable. This is made from One inch square tubing, 15 inches long for the base. That is wide enough to lay 4 2x4s or 2 2x8s on side by side. The uprights are four inches tall with a .375 inch hole near the top on the outside for a bungee cord to secure whatever is in the rack. The rod is sized to fit the vehicle of choice, seems like 10mm is a fairly common size, about 8 inches long to fit down inside the headrest sockets. I tilt my front seat so the rack holds whatever I am hauling just above the dash so as to not mar the dash up. It would easily carry 16 2x4s or maybe even 20. This things works great! And so simple and easy to whip up. Already getting requests from others to make more.
    Inside Car Long Goods Carrier-20160401_080720-4x6.jpgInside Car Long Goods Carrier-20160401_080854-4x6.jpg

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    Thanks DrByte! We've added your Vehicle Long Goods Carrier to our Storage and Organization category,
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    Good idea - never thought of that one. I feel that a more positive way of securing what you are carrying would be safer. In the event of an accident a long object becomes a lethal projectile. Perhaps something like a "U" shaped clamp with a bolt to tighten down the article being carried and a soft rubber surface to give added grip on the support?

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    Excellent idea. My method is to take a passenger to hold on to it, but they always moan! haha.

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