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Thread: International Sightliner COE truck - photos and video

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    International Sightliner COE truck - photos and video

    International Sightliner Truck. Available from around 1957-1962.

    39-second video:

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    That's a really neat truck.

    The family hauler in my house growing up was a couple of IH Travel-Alls a '65 that was eventually replaced by a '73. Learned to drive in one, when my dad decided he'd rather that I learned to drive in an automatic rather than destroying the clutch in his Volvo.

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    My father worked for a construction company. Royce, the material supply man drove one for the outfit. Besides the practical aspects of maximizing loads in a minimum package and drive train service, the iconic stubby profile of COE's continues as always in popularity.
    Anyway Royce, besides a WWII vet was very humorous. 'His' truck he didn't term COE; and made up wacky designations. Best I remember was FIFOF.
    Feet In Front Of Fan, referring to the radiator fan blades.
    I rode along on a few Saturdays, listening to more of his puns. We'd roll up to a site..."Beat you again! I got here first." Yup, true statement. Same cab, but he was well over 6 feet tall.
    Today is 'Father's Day' here in the U.S. My Dad, the 98 year old with new cars, motorhome, even a new dog will always be my most influential figure; but I'm also blessed having an army of spare dad's, like Royce.
    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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    Whats the reason for the extra set of windows, is it simply for visibility allowing the vehicle to used in tight spaces?

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