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Thread: International Space Station tools

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    International Space Station tools

    NASA astronaut Captain Mike Foreman shows off a couple of tools used on the International Space Station. Foreman did two "assembly missions" up to the ISS, which means that he was one of the astronauts who built the space station.

    Interesting angle here. It almost looks like NASA is getting a bit nervous about today's college graduates, and deployed Foreman to do some messaging on This Old House, a popular mainstream DIY show.

    Foreman says at 1:31:

    "NASA likes guys that know how to work with their hands too."

    And then again at 3:08:

    "I have an engineering background, but, you know, NASA's lookin' for people that can work with their hands also. And, that's another message to kids today, is that, you know, pick up a skill, you know. You might be going to college, but, be able to do something with your hands as well. Work on your car, build somethin' in the garage."

    The drop-dead gorgeous power driver in the video is the Pistol Grip Tool, shown below in use on the ISS by Expedition 14 flight engineer Captain Sunita L. Williams:

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