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    Thank you!
    I sure hope I live long enough to recoup my building time!


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    Quote Originally Posted by old_toolmaker View Post
    Hi Ralph,

    Thank you for the nice complement. Yes, the castings and drawings came from Martin Model and Pattern. It was a long project (about 12 years) but very enjoyable when done in smaller bites. I am very happy it is finished in its basic form and have pressed it into service so far for sharpening boring tools, key-way broaching tools, lathe bits and twist drills. It is a wiz at those jobs.


    Hi dick;

    That is one beautiful grinder you got there. There is some obvious attention to detail and craftsmanship.

    Now for the questions for those of us not really familiar with the Qorn. What is the capacity range for this little grinder? I say little not really being totally familiar with tool and cutter grinders. The thought here is can I throw a diamond wheel on the machine and then sharpen 1/2" carbide drills.

    I ask because i could use better grinding facilities in my little shop. On the other hand I can't ever imagine finishing this project while working far to many hours a week.

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    That is a problem with a lot of people. And many kits have been bought and sit under a bench because of time. I have one and thought I would start back on it and well did not plan hospital stays and weeks of recovery. The thing I can recommend is keep an eye on EBay and Craigs list and some of the other, they come up from time to time and the price is usually not that bad. I have never seen a machine bring close to the time and material put into them. I'm saying a few hundred for a rather complete machine. With that said the completed machine is like a lathe with no tooling, almost worthless with out some tooling to set up. Good luck and happy looking.

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