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Thread: Kickstarter for Toler Union pocket multi-tool - GIF, videos, and photos

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    Kickstarter for Toler Union pocket multi-tool - GIF, videos, and photos

    Kickstarter for Toler Union pocket multi-tool. It's important to note that with pocket multitools, or more broadly with EDC (Every Day Carry) items, it's not enough if they're clever and useful. They have to be a good match for your pocket, and your day.

    59-second video:

    44-second animated video:

    Some images and a GIF:

    Looks like this one was cancelled yesterday, with $40K pledged of $80K goal. The Toler people have moved the project off Kickstarter and onto their own website, where people can re-pledge funds to be a backer. I've seen that strategy before, and it worked just fine for the excellent bitTender Kickstarter that I received last July. In fact, I have NEVER been involved as a Kickstarter backer in a project that went perfectly smoothly; they run the gamut from a late shipping date to your money is gone forever. However, there is value in witnessing the invention process, and getting first dibs on the the occasional winner.



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    wrench, file and saw (I was surprised how often the latter two are handy); glad they didn't attempt to include a scissors
    a means to accept conventional 1/4" hex bits as opposed to the proprietary ones used by Leatherman
    onboard storage for several 1/4" hex screwdriver bits


    those plier jaws hinged as they are are going to have a tendency to rotate under use; I have a small set like that and know whereof I speak; Leatherman pliers are articulated properly
    no indication of size or weight or target price

    That last CON is a biggy. My Leatherman Wave, along with its accessories, is too heavy to carry daily and the smaller Skeltool, while lighter, is still heavy , not to mention it scratches expensive leather automobile seats when carried in my back pocket.

    I'm not writing this one off but I want one in my hands for tactile evaluation before I'll buy.
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    Seems something went wrong, they campaign was cancelled. I am curious why that happened.
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    So many multitools (inc most of the leatherman range) don't take into account EDC laws. In the UK, you can't carry them.

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