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    For years I couldn't stop the leak in a flickmixer. When I finally put my 26" stilsons to work on it, I discovered the plumber or kitchen installer had mistakingly placed the flickmixer adjustment/removal screw at the back. Usually/formally they are/were allen headed but this one had a minus head screw and was about 2 cms from the brick wall leaving no way of removal for servicing.

    The result was the whole cupboard was rotted out. The drawers were fine and the doors were ok also.

    Mistakingly, I made a new european style cupboard before I went to order a benchtop (we had replaced some a couple of years before when renovating). Alas the laminex was no longer available. I had in preparation purchased a new sink & flickmixer. I made a top from laminated Tasmanian Oak & had forgotten that the installed height had allowed for the laminex thickness. After planing & sanding it was somewhat thinner than the original top so it was lower than the adjoining tops.

    As planned, this happened over a couple of weeks during my spare time. I cleaned dishes etc in the Laundry tubs one of which I made a temporary drain top.

    Rather than make another new cupboard or chock the new benchtop I opted for a detailed edge to span the gap and to prevent water seeping into the two adjoining cupboards.

    Here is the resultant sink benchtop contrasting with the original laminex.
    I think it looks in place with the cupboard doors. A cabinet maker estimated
    over $20 thou for a new 5 metre by 5 metre kitchen. I am happy but my
    wife would like a new kitchen on the other side of the house=another time.

    If we look beyond the square we can often improvise even after an error in planing.


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