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Thread: Linoleum/skiving knife use

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    Question Linoleum/skiving knife use

    Sorry about the confusion, and yes the knifes shape makes trimming off the tips or edges of leather very easy. I use the knife to cut off the corners of straps and such because in using the knife with the handle held vertically I can push down and roll the blade across the leather slicing off the leather or laying the knife blade horizontal allows me to shave off the leather ends for the purpose of thinning it down when making belt loops or keepers where the leather would get too thick if not thinned own. I can use the tip of the knife for cutting around sharp corners of the leather and getting a good view of where the blade is at all times. I hope I have explained the advantages of this knife. If I can be of more help just let me know. Sending some pictures of using the knife in the shop.[ATTACH=CONFIG]19800Linoleum/skiving knife use-skiving-knife-3-.jpgLinoleum/skiving knife use-skiving-knife-4-.jpgLinoleum/skiving knife use-skiving-knife.jpg
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