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Thread: looking for tool name - joist lever clamp

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    looking for tool name - joist lever clamp

    I'm pretty sure this tool exists. A lever type joist/rafter clamp hook type thing. Would look a bit like a cant twist clamp. Idea is that it hooks to the joist in a basement to hang something. You open it up, put it around the joist, pull down on it and it locks to the joist with amazing holding power.


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    I remember the tool you are talking about, can't remember the name however. I believe Sears sold a version back when there was a Sears tool department, so that has been many years. The one problem I do remember is although they held extremely well, when trying to hang something on them if you bumped the locking lever or maybe you would call it the cam lever while going in the up direction the whole assembly would fall to the floor. Most annoying when you had your hands full!
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    This might be a little over the top for you it is an adjustable beam clamp that I just designed
    it can be adjusted to fit most wood beams, joists or even sheet lumber starting as thin as 1/2" through 6" thick
    Its strength is as strong as anything it would be clamped on if properly adjusted.
    If clamped on a 4 by 8 beam for instance a load of over 2 tons could be possible
    looking for tool name - joist lever clamp-assem1wood-beam-clamp.jpg
    By the way it can not be pulled off accidentally by pulling at angles up to about 45 in any direction
    it can only be removed by pushing up on the pull loop to allow the clamp to open

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