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Thread: Machine Guards

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    Machine Guards

    Having converted my old Elliot Miller into a CNC VMC, i began to scare myself with the prospect of throwing an end mill across my shop (not if but) when an NC file goes renegade. For this reason i have retro fitted a machine guard and whilst i was at it i made one for my lathe as well.

    Machine Guards-img_0545.jpgMachine Guards-img_0543s.jpgMachine Guards-img_0544s.jpgMachine Guards-img_0537.jpgMachine Guards-img_0540.jpgMachine Guards-img_0539.jpg

    hope they give ideas.
    The frames have been made from 1" steel angle and flat 1" bar x 1/8th and clad with plexiglass (perspex or similar acrylic)
    Some with a keen eye will notice the lathe guard has no plexiglass in it yet.
    Smoke makes electronics work, if it escapes the equipment breaks.
    Got to keep the smoke in. bla bla bla - TUNE FOR MAXIMUM SMOKE that's what i say.

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    Could you use a steel mesh instead? you'd still have to wear eye protection, but you wouldn't have to keep cleaning it.

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