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    Magnetic Plasma guides, hand held torch supports for straight or curved cuts.


    I created a set of plasma torch guides using Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets and formed metal pieces.

    My question is.... has anyone else done this?

    My set up makes free hand plasma cutting as accurate as one can manage.
    Practice is KEY, but the results in the field or at home are awesome.

    I will continue the search,

    JcMagnetic Plasma guides, hand held torch supports for straight or curved cuts.-img_0360.jpg

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    Having just purchased a plasma cutter I'dbe interested in some pictures of your set up?

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    I made all my plasma guides out of key stock and used my HFT corner angle magnets to hold the stock in place. The key for me was making an off set gauge to set kerf. I took a hack saw and put a notch in the end of my cheap 6" Tri square with the off set. Set the notch on the Tri square on the line, skootch the key stock up to the Tri square and use the corner mags to hold it. Very accurate and easy to maneuver because the mags were separate. Also the cheap corner mags aren't very strong, but strong enough to hold the key stock in place. Did literally hundreds of cuts like that for precision layout of sheet metal like that. Just my 2c.

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