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Thread: Magnetic screwdriver - video

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    Magnetic screwdriver - video

    Magnetic screwdriver. 1:33 video:

    Does this just get filed in the "Gimmicky Magnet Garbage" drawer? It's a big drawer.


    Magnet paper for revealing location of magnets inside devices - GIF
    Magnetic window cleaning tool - GIF
    Magnetic doorstop - GIF

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    G'day Jon,
    Actually, no this is not as gimmicky as it might seem. Several European companies market this system (which, by the way, is quite $600 for the gear needed...but, it allows completely hidden, very strong joinery in predominantly sheet materials, that can not be otherwise accomplished. BIG use in high end commercial shopfitting here in AUS. The architects and designers come up with rediculous sounding specs of VERY expensive custom veneered sheets in thicknesses like 30 to 50 mm. And most of the joints are simple butt joints, but NO visible fastener is allowed. Dowels and biscuits are not strong enough by heaps. These systems are the bees knees for these new 'sophisticated' design specs. I wish I could justify the cost for my custom cabinetry, but alas, I'll just have to continue hiding my screws....and I've seen it demonstrated at an AWISA show, and all the cabby blokes were like wet puddles of envy! Go figure...and thank you ever so much for hosting this site. It gives me great inspiration and I now share some things with my grandson who thinks you are super cool for finding all of the quirky videos, particularly the epic fails....12 years old...cheers, mate
    30 yr expat in AUS

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