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Thread: MagRevolver magazine screw holder Kickstarter - photos

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    MagRevolver magazine screw holder Kickstarter - photos

    MagRevolver magazine screw holder Kickstarter project. $54 pledged of $7,056 goal, with 27 days remaining. Full 0:58 video:

    I guess I would have to use the tool before passing judgement, but, first impression: gimmicky, sloppy, and dangerous.

    I like the concept, and I know that collated screwdrivers are used for drywalling. But between loading the screw magazine, and then gingerly pivoting each screw into position, I don't think I'd save much time or hassle.

    It looks like the tip of the magazine prevents you from driving a countersunk head screw slightly below the surface of the wood. Seeing a protruding screw head mentally destabilizes me. I also know it's magnetic, but I'm not so sure about all of those screws pointing at me, let alone that that open spinning screw magazine. And, is he driving 3"+ wood screws with a Philips head and no pilot hole? That reminds me of being a teenager.

    I do wonder if you could change this design a bit and make a useful tool: shield the magazine, make loading the magazine easier, and make it easier to move a screw from the magazine to the driving bit. Or maybe the magazine should be separate, and not attached to the drill. Note: if you want to research this concept a bit more, searching for "screw magazine" in Google is probably not the way to go.



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    Embrace the work. Learn to take the time to do the job properly and enjoy doing it.

    In this case, "gimmicky" would be a compliment. It's hard to imagine something more complex intended to save a few seconds on a job that isn't going to take that long anyway.

    Get a handful of proper Robertson screws. Hold in left hand. Attach screw to magnetized Robertson bit in drill. Drive screw. Rinse and repeat.

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    GOt to agree this is not something you will find in my tool kit.
    But then why would I want something like that when I have this when I work with floor or decking
    MagRevolver magazine screw holder Kickstarter - photos-20171218_234841.jpgdd.jpg
    MagRevolver magazine screw holder Kickstarter - photos-20171218_234904.jpgdd.jpg
    MagRevolver magazine screw holder Kickstarter - photos-20171218_234916.jpgdd.jpg
    If I were to need something for walls that required speed I would get something like one of these
    MagRevolver magazine screw holder Kickstarter - photos-aada529cbb5314601e71407d187802cc50.jpg
    MagRevolver magazine screw holder Kickstarter - photos-aadownload.jpg
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    Whata waist, looks to cumbersome, to many magical moves you have to make, I bet he laid awake all night dreaming up that one

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