Make a Hybrid Linoleum Block Print-100_1198.jpg

Here's a great way to pass the time while you're hunkering down, during the winter snow storms:

I made a linoleum block print, and I show you how I did it in the video. BUT – What makes it a “hybrid linoleum block print?”

Traditionally, linoleum block prints are made by using hand tools such as wood carving knives and gouges, much in the same way the “old school” wood cut block prints were made. I decided to try using my Dremel (rotary power carving) tool to make this linoleum block print, with the final touches made with traditional hand tools.

It’s probably been done before by others, but I’ve never seen it done this way anywhere, nor have I heard of it. I figured it was worth a try, and I did get positive results, however it was so easy to make big mistakes in the work, I felt a little stressed and I would prefer to use traditional hand cutting tools. I think it’s more relaxing and less stressful that way.

I also experimented with the test prints. I made the first print using acrylic paint, the second using screen printing ink, and finally, I made one using block print ink (although the ink was very old – it was left over from art supplies that belonged to my wife’s late grandmother.

You might want to give this a try yourself, and see what you think of this method.

I do believe my results would have been better, had I used a press instead of simply rubbing the paper onto the block through a section of cardboard. I don’t presently have a press for block printing, but I do intend to design and build one. Most certainly, I’ll document the design and build process on video, and publish it to my Youtube channel in the near future. I’ll also provide free plans for the press on my Downeast Thunder Creations web site.

Here's the video: