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Thread: Manufacturing humbug candy - GIF

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    Manufacturing humbug candy - GIF

    Manufacturing humbug candy. Not sure what these are called in the US; maybe sometimes "mints", or just generically referred to as "candy". Cool cutting machine; not so sure about the gloves.


    1957 candy manufacturing video
    Cotton candy flower making GIF
    Candy cutting scissors GIF
    woodturning a pen from candy

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    Seems like they call them Humbugs in Florida.
    Note that they are using very similar gloves in this American factory, but the cutting machine doesn't actually complete the cut, and unlike the original clip, it puts a twist cut in every piece. The twist cut is the correct cut for a Humbug and is often referred to as a Humbug Shape, but modern manufacturers tend to cut them straight across.
    I am not sure if the reason given for the name is correct or not.

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    Well, there goes last years resolution to lose weight...

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