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    Method for bending a tight set in solid bar

    Hi All

    This is a method I use to bend solid bar which works really well when a tight radius is required. I had to put a set in a piece of 12mm diameter bar for the handle on my retractable screw cutting tool holder. (for three reasons) To give better vision when external screw cutting, secondly to move operators hand further away from the chuck when retracting the tool and thirdly to miss one of the clamp screws.

    Firstly, you notch with a file where the inside radius of each bend will start along the bar. In this case I also had to take in consideration the orientation as the bar screwed in to a housing. The bar can then be set in the vice with the notch vertical and at the edge of the vice jaw. The bar is then heated until red and a piece of tube slid over to aid leverage to bend the bar. Due to the notch, this is where the bend will be formed about. The process is repeated for the second bend to create the set.

    First photo shows notch cut with the bar screwed into the housing so the orientation of the handle is correct
    Method for bending a tight set in solid bar-img_0825-copy.jpg Method for bending a tight set in solid bar-img_0826-copy.jpg Method for bending a tight set in solid bar-img_0827-copy.jpg Method for bending a tight set in solid bar-img_0828-copy.jpg Method for bending a tight set in solid bar-img_0850-copy.jpg Method for bending a tight set in solid bar-img_0829.jpg

    Thank you for taking the time to read
    The Home Engineer
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    Man I sure thank you for that tip. Over the years I had trouble bending two bars at the same place and now I can see this method will be a great improvement in my shop.

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    Sweet. Works better than I would've guessed.

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    Thanks thehomeengineer! We've added your Bar Stock Bending Method to our Metalworking category,
    as well as to your builder page: thehomeengineer's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Thanks for the tip! It sure looks like a good way to get the bends to occur where they are wanted.

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