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Thread: micro drilling / milling machine and watchmaker's press

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    micro drilling / milling machine and watchmaker's press

    I'm not quite sure what to call this as it's a multi function device to help with my watchmaking hobby -

    In watch repair, apart from having to drill very small, very precise holes, there are all sorts of functions that involve being able to press absolutely vertically and with some delicacy, and low levels of force.

    Various Staking tools, glass presses, drill presses etc exist, and they're all expensive - so I thought "what if I can make a basic press tool, that I can swap a drill, hand-pressing, glass pressing and riveting tool, milling etc on the same base ?

    This is mark one - it also helps cut and dill PCB really well.

    It's based around a pair of drawer slides, and braced to ensure absolute perpendicular pressing. Step one uses a cheap ebay motor for micro drilling and milling/router bit which is great for cutting out PCB.

    Next is to manufacture a staking arrangement and anvil for pressing watch gears and jewels. I shall be uploading some details to my blog

    With drill in place
    micro drilling / milling machine and watchmaker's press-aapress-1.jpg

    Basic Press tool
    micro drilling / milling machine and watchmaker's press-aapress1.jpg

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    Thanks Britannicus! We've added your Watchmakers Press to our Miscellaneous category,
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