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Thread: Mini Lathe Compound and Cross feed Oilers

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    Mini Lathe Compound and Cross feed Oilers

    Better than backing the compound or cross feed all the way out would be a way to put some oil right on the dovetails. Once again sourcing parts from the bay I picked up some very small ball bearing oilers. Disassembled the compound and spotted two holes over the edges of the dovetails. Now I do not have to rack the compound all the way out to get er oiled. Of course everything was disassembled to prevent drilling into something that should not be drilled!

    The cross feed was done earlier and for the dual purpose of locking it down (or is that up?). Secondary use of the two slotted brass screws is to oil the dovetail. Next time I take it apart I will add two more oilers closer to the front for some added oiling capability. And just to go a bit further how about one over the compound screw?

    One more thing you can see in the left side of the compound is three brass screws. The brass screws are used to lock down the compound instead of tightening the gib screws and having to re-adjust them when the locking was no longer required. Now I can "Lock and Go".

    Cheers, JR
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    Thanks jjr2001! We've added your Lathe Compound Oilers to our Lathes category,
    as well as to your builder page: jjr2001's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    The ball bearing oilers are an excellent addition and, like you, I found eBay with buy-it-now has become my go-to source of small parts (and usually with free shipping and 2-day delivery).

    Your addition of the brass locking screws is a smart idea so the perfectly adjusted gib set screws can stay in place as-is. I have tapered gibs so it is a little easier to lock with one locking screw. I added custom M6x1 lever action clamping screws to the cross slide and compound (see Lever Action Clamping Screws ) and eliminated the need for an Allen wrench or screw driver when quickly locking and unlocking. In my case, the cross slide locking screw is extra long because I plan to move it to the other side before installing a DRO sensor on the back side of the cross slide.

    Mini Lathe Compound and Cross feed Oilers-lathe-cross-slide-lever-action-locking-screw-installed-against-tapered-gib.jpg

    Thank you for showing the installed oilers and locking compound mechanism.

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    Thanks Paul,
    I really like your clamping screws with the lever. I think I will need to make some with brass for the screws and replace my phillips screws for the lock.

    Cheers, John

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