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Thread: Miniature airport - GIF

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    Miniature airport - GIF

    Miniature airport.


    Miniature working shotgun - GIF and video
    Miniature tools by Paul Hamler
    tool miniatures by William R. Robertson

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    That runway and a whole miniature world to accompany it is located in Hamburg's Miniatur Wunderland...

    Folks who have any interest at all in miniatures should watch the complete video and see how a bunch of obsessed German craftsmen do it.
    Regards, Marv

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    Marv, thank you for the URL. It is incredible to think of the tens of thousands of man hours that goes into a product of this nature. Truly awesome.
    I have also admired all of the miniature machines that you have posted in the past.
    Kind regards, Tony

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    Projects like this are invaluable as an interest generating tool for youngsters, this is the sort of thing that gets them interested in engineering and beyond.
    Like many my age i had a Hornby train set, I learnt at a very young age how to construct, basic electrical theory and how systems worked. The skills shortage is a result of kids not having or playing with such hobbies or seeing inspirational things like this. I walk into machine shops now and still look and touch shiny objects, my brain runs off at a tangent trying to discover what it is and how it attaches - engineering its in the blood. I commented on a video that Jon Saunders NYCCNC had posted on youtube about a huge machining exhibition he had visited and filmed. I remarked on the lack of young female visitors, of course they are the future of engineering and should be encouraged but what can you do when they are not remotely interested. If that engineering exhibition was in travelling distance from my home you couldn't stop me going.

    My brother-in-law and i are building new train sets as we are now elderly and trying to regain our childhood but the scary reality is that my great nephews will be the only kids at school who will have seen an played with a model railroad. How sad is that.

    Models fascinated me as a kid and still do, this clip is no exception. I like the way the aircraft ascends into the clouds instead of stalling at the wall, i'm curious as to why the scenery rises 6" to allow the aircraft through when the opening is already accessible 6" up from the table. It must have something to do with the mechanics of flight (sorry had to get that one in) The mechanism of the flight path. Pure genius, i want one.

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