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Thread: Model ships cannon

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    Model ships cannon

    I finally got it finished, it only took 53 years so it must be some sort of record.
    It has been many years since I made a model of anything but as I had been reunited with the barrel( see earlier post) I felt I should finish it.
    I realised that once again I was descending into the minutia of everything, as nothing handy seems to of the right looking scale so has to made to suit otherwise an oversize part destroys the effect.
    I also was reminded of what a small cost hobby it is, mine comprises of a bit of oak flooring, some nails and pop rivet shanks and a bit of curtain rod for wheel rims.
    My lathe does not have a high enough speed for making tiny parts so most of them have been hand turned using a graver and my high speed tool post spindle. It looks o/k to my eye considering I freestyled it from web images, my wife even liked it much to my surprise.
    As I fired it once the barrel has been spiked with lead so it is no longer a possible weapon (very necessary in the UK).

    Model ships cannon-imgp0065.jpgModel ships cannon-screen-shot-01-22-18-04.21-pm-001.jpgModel ships cannon-screen-shot-01-22-18-04.21-pm.jpg

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