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Thread: multi level welding cart

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    Cool multi level welding cart

    OK yes there are many welding carts and configurations out there. Here is yet another this one. It holds two welders and all the usual things I use every day to weld. The welders themselves are a Hobart140, 110 volt, for light work like sheet metal and 1/8" angle iron type stuff, and a Hobart 190 for stuff up to 3/8 thick that we use for welding the Drift trike frames that we build every day. You will notice that except for where the tanks sit, (room for three), there are no flat surfaces to sit things on. That is by design. Flat surfaces tend to attract and accumulate clutter. This cart is mobile and I did not want to have to clear off accumulated junk when ever I had to move it to weld something. The casters are the double locking kind so when you put the brakes on they do not move or swivel. That makes it very steady. Probably a bit of over kill but that's just the way we roll, OK bad pun I know This cart was made entirely from scrap pieces we had laying around the shop. Dimensions are a bit superfluous as you will need to fit it to your own machine, but the concept is valid.
    Our shop is small and this cart helps keep it a lot more tidy and makes having every thing you need to weld, at your finger tips. Which is very very convenient. With this set up we can reach every part of the shop and we only have to move one thing ..the cart itself. I hope this gives you ideas you can use. That's what home made tools is all about.
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    Nice one HardTail69! Admire and agree with your feelings about flat spaces. Nice assortment of tools available at hand for the jobs and looks to be very stable too. You mentioned that there is room for 3 you use different mixes regularly?

    How are the trikes coming designs? Thanks for sharing your build!! ~PJ
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    Thanks hardtail69! We've added your ulti Level Welding Cart to our Welding Carts category, as well as to your builder page: hardtail69's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    I work out of my garage and do everything out of work stations. I have to be able to reconfigure the shop for whatever process I'm doing. Out of past experience I learned that a big work bench or any flat surface just ends up being a catch all just like you.

    So I have three work stations that have flat surfaces that are process stations. One is welding, one is powdercoating and one is a jig table. I also have specialty surfaces that are pulled off and stored when not in use. I put these on a heavy duty X stand that is a music keyboard stand. Handy as a shirt pocket because it will hold over 200lbs and can be adjusted to any height. It also fold flat.

    I have a tendency to buy cheap HF stuff used instead of fabbing up stuff 'cus I'm lazy My welder cart is one of those HF cart/handtucks that you can find in yard sales for $5. I've got several laying around. My plasma and Lincoln 175t fit side by side on the cart so everything is down low. The Co2 bottle is in between the cart handle uprights and my clamps are on the handle. Like you I love having everything in one compact unit.

    Good job and thanks for taking the time to share.
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    Great job! Design is a good one!

    Post your reply!
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