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Thread: Multifuncional Cart / Powered Wheel barrow

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    Multifuncional Cart / Powered Wheel barrow

    If you combine a Zero Turning Mower with a front trailer ball mount and a handy cart with removable wheel barrow you come up with a nifty way to move dirt, rocks, logs, bags of fertilizer and have total control on the placement of those items because they are in front of you! The Black wheel barrow portion unhooks with two pins and you have a handy cart to move firewood or whatever. Uses a boat trailer hitch on the ball which is mounted to an angle iron bolted to the front of the mower. Works great. Multifuncional Cart / Powered Wheel barrow-2012-08-07-19.10.39.jpgMultifuncional Cart / Powered Wheel barrow-2012-08-07-19.10.16.jpg

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    looks like a nice useful build
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