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Thread: Non jingling non stabbing key holder

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    Thanks, Ken. I had heard of First Man but never read it. I knew he was very private as most of the early ones were, and most of the stuff I read or heard probably pales to this and the others you mention.

    Jere; I so wanted to work for them but by the time I got out of college they were laying off Ph.D' EE's and ended up on a different path. Most of the people I know or known went to work for Motorola or Sperry. You are so right about the specializations from the mid 70's on, seemed the wild wild west made a steep transition to even more detail and specialization. It is mind blowing how much was accomplished by some Smart, Brave, Cowboy's in a micro span of human history and how much has paid forward because of them. to the ones that paved the way...

    Been an interesting thread from key chains to space pioneers...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbalch View Post
    All sorts of surveillance applications for this stuff. It brings the old-school "brush pass" into the 21st century, nevermind the ability to shoot/project/spray it at a target or apply it to something you know the target will touch. You only need one mote to adhere and you own that target's every move. Countermeasure aside, of course.

    Apart from smart dust, I also recently read about biome identification, based on the fact that each of us carry a unique set of microbes in/on our bodies. I don't think sensor technology for that is there yet, but I still wonder where we'll be 20-30 years from now. Scary yet exciting.

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