I just bought this old drill press, it' used but in very good condition.
I don't know the brand since there is no more label, the engine is a Brusatori ( near my city ) pre unification, 1,2hp 1400-700rpm dahlander type (380v 3phase). The good thing is that it's a standard feet type engine, pretty easy to find a spare part.
I decided to try monophase 230v with capacitor since my cold saw 2,15hp runs good, I found the right value for a good torque regarding to cooling. I just tried with steel and a bad 10mm bit, it's not easy to stop the rotation with high engine and max pulleys speed.

It has a rotary table with water discharge and a nice adjustable vise.
A good thing noticed, the rotary switch is a very good quality part. It's also useful to have a 100w light near the table.

The only thing I should buy is a new flat spiral spring.

My trouble is that space is limited, I'm playing tetris!

Old drill press-dsc04082_1600x1200.jpg Old drill press-dsc04083_1600x1200.jpg Old drill press-dsc04086_1600x1200.jpg

Old drill press-dsc04087_1600x1200.jpg Old drill press-dsc04090_1600x1200.jpg