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Thread: Online Knurling Calculator

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    Hi Paul,
    As I know, actually the powdered mica is used as a component in lubrication grease for special use, mine was given in a large amount by a friend working in chemicals, I use it economically but when nothing goes it makes miracles as a dry lubricant, graphite powder goes too but is not so easy to clean after using it.
    It functions in my opinion because chips cannot stay glued with the dry system then with normal lubrication they glue to the asperities and give a bad appearance.
    Have you make some proofs with lubricant like WD40 in a pressure air steam like on a band saw ?
    Have a nice day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charron63 View Post
    is there a Site? or is it just the chart? I may be having a reeree moment here but wannted to make sure cause the way I read it it allowed you to input data to get computational data back for knurling work Yes?
    Thanx either way
    You don't really need a program if you have a calculator, even better if the calculator is programmable. Way back in post #22 of this thread, I wrote...

    There's a knurling diameter calculator on my page (see my sig for URL) but, like PJ, it's a victim of the march of time. It's written to run in DOS so you need to install a DOS emulator to run it. The procedure is described on my page.

    Actually, the calculation is quite straightforward and can be done with a calculator. It depends on the fact that the circumference of the workpiece should be an integral multiple of the pitch of the knurl.

    Calculate the circular pitch of the knurl (p) by dividing the knurl circumference (pi * diameter) by the number of teeth on the knurl.

    Divide the circumference of the workpiece (pi * diameter) by p to obtain a number (n). In general n will not be an integer. Truncate n to an integer.

    Calculate the workpiece knurling diameter = n*p/pi

    If you save the values of the circular pitch, once calculated, for each knurl, then only the last two steps are needed for each new workpiece.

    Note that you must "truncate" n to an integer, not round it. As an example, 3.9 rounded to an integer is 4 but truncated the value is 3.

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