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Thread: Owl shaped guitar soundhole cover

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    Owl shaped guitar soundhole cover

    Owl shaped guitar soundhole cover-2013-05-30-18.06.45.jpgOwl shaped guitar soundhole cover-2013-05-30-22.37.30.jpgOwl shaped guitar soundhole cover-2013-05-31-00.36.51.jpgOwl shaped guitar soundhole cover-2013-06-07-20.09.04.jpgOwl shaped guitar soundhole cover-2013-06-07-20.23.33.jpgOwl shaped guitar soundhole cover-2013-06-08-11.20.04.jpgOwl shaped guitar soundhole cover-2013-06-08-14.50.34.jpgOwl shaped guitar soundhole cover-2014-01-11-19.24.44.jpgOwl shaped guitar soundhole cover-2014-01-12-16.46.52.jpgOwl shaped guitar soundhole cover-2014-08-24-16.46.01.jpg

    I inherited a nice guitar from my friend. The guitar was in bad condition so at first I must had to clean and restorate it. It was a slow process and an interesting journey since I never had a guitar before.

    I've documented this whole process on my Google Plus wall and collected those articles on Pinterest: Each picture (are in reverse order) links back to an article. These articles are written in Hungarian language, but You can use the translate button on GPlus.

    Now the Cremona - old Czech guitar manufacturer - is in good health, and I wanted to make her something nice and interesting. Maybe a decorative soundhole cover? I saw many nice, e.g. the laser cutted Lute Hole (Lute Hole soundhole cover design choices) and many hand carved ones. I noticed those are all a „simple" round shape. And thats where the fun begun: I wanted something different.

    See the whole story:
    Owl shaped guitar soundhole cover

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