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Thread: Pc psu casing mod.

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    Pc psu casing mod.

    Wanted to get nicer look for my cheap psu.

    Pc psu casing mod.-alku.jpeg

    So i made new casing for it from stainless steel.
    Used angle grinder and dremel for cutting.
    Holes are made with drill, bigger holes are largened with sanding drums and tungsten carbide cutters.
    Used tig for welding.

    Pc psu casing mod.-vaihe3.jpeg

    Fan is also re-shaped. Cut and grinded smaller.
    Finally polished with wax and felt disk.

    Pc psu casing mod.-vaihe1.jpeg

    Pc psu casing mod.-vaihe6.jpg

    Pc psu casing mod.-vaihe7.jpg

    Pc psu casing mod.-vaihe8.jpg

    Wetsanded and rewired to get nicer look.
    I also changed the caps for better ones.

    Pc psu casing mod.-vaihe10.jpg

    Pc psu casing mod.-vaihe9.jpg

    Pc psu casing mod.-valmis4.jpg

    Pc psu casing mod.-valmis1.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Pc psu casing mod.-fb_img_1468076811432.jpg  

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