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Thread: Pinch rods

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    Pinch rods

    Pinch rods are used frequently by carpenters and joiners to check diagonals. I have a range of these at work, with sliding clamps. Pinch rods-image.jpg
    The good thing about using rods is that learning disabled chaps, who cannot read rulers, can easily take very accurate transferable measurements.
    Thanks to mklotz whose recent post about “rattling calipers” prompted me to post this.

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    Yes, indeed. A tool of that design would be the perfect adjustable-length "stick" to use as a rattler in a bore.
    Regards, Marv

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    The Royal Navy, (and others), use similar sticks to these, about 5 ft long, to measure lengths for cutting timber shores for damage control.
    They are called "Gunter Battens".

    I agree that versions of these would make great "rattlers" for bore measurements, however if they were rounded/pointed they would also make actual measures, no maths required.

    Pinch rods-gunter-battens.jpg
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