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Thread: Pizza box that converts into serving plates and storage container - GIF

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    Pizza box that converts into serving plates and storage container - GIF

    Pizza box that converts into serving plates and storage container.

    The "plates" aren't that clever, but I do like how the box folds in half to store leftover pieces. Yes, I know the frying pan trick to reheat a slice of pizza (the trick is: use a frying pan to reheat a slice of pizza). This works quite well in a Frank S-style nonstick cast iron skillet.

    If you usually pick up your pizzas, as opposed to having them delivered, I can also recommend an insulated pizza delivery bag. Despite decades of indoctrination that characterized pizza delivery bags as professional-only tools, civilians are actually allowed to own them. Amazon has plenty, and the single size one costs about as much as one pizza.

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    Actually I like the idea of this, particularly for recycling the box...always a pain to fold up small. Only left over pizza we have is an Old Chicago around here in Northern CA...a large with a single topping weighs 5lbs. Way Back in my first prime I ate a whole large 3 topping with a pitcher of beer at a celebration party for me. In my latest Prime I'm only good for 2 pieces and a glass of wine.

    Thanks Jon!

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