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Thread: plans

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    Thumbs down plans

    many sites say " free " plans but when you check them out, there not free at all. what the h--l.

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    I cannot speak for the many sites you mentioned but the Admin has graciously provided participants of this site an avenue for them to publish their plans for a nominal price. I will say though that for the prices asked I have not found any published plans which were not nicely prepared and priced at an extremely reasonable rate for what the purchaser gets.
    There are also many thousands or well documented homemade tools in the forums which all one need do is to read and learn how the tools were made. I sincerely hope this answers your question at least in part.
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    Also, some of our plans are free:

    FREE - Cylinder Square Plans
    FREE - Angle Plates Plans

    Some of the plans, even paid, can save the user hundreds of dollars.

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    I can't speak for every author here, but the plans that I have posted are all well written, often with dozens of hours of work in writing them. Where appropriate, I include complete drawings, a bill of materials, photos of the construction, and an explanation of all of the steps needed to complete it. Some of the plans that I have posted are the latest revision of articles that have previously been published in print while others are new but written to the same standards. All of them represent a major writing effort as well as a proven design.

    Some things can be constructed from an internet post with a photo or two, but often that does not show some of the highly desirable or even essential features of a tool. I have no quarrel with those who work from a simple post, but others may feel that more detailed instructions and drawings are more desirable in order to insure success. This board supports both ways of presenting ideas for shop/home made tools and the reader can use whatever he/she wants.

    In addition, I monitor all of my Plans pages on a daily basis. So the purchaser and even a potential purchaser can get an answer to a question or have a point clarified almost immediately. I have my first free plan in the works at the present time and I believe that Jon agrees with that price. As far as I know the viewer will be able to download it completely free: no hidden costs for the plans. And I will be here to monitor and answer any questions on that free one, just as I do for the ones that cost $5 or $10.

    So, as far as I know, here free is free.

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